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Employees Provide The Perfect Platform for Branding Identity

With our new AWEARNESS Program we have created one of the most unique marketing techniques in the past 25 years. This one of a kind platform will allow you the retailer to sell employee advertising space to your vendors on a recurring basis.
The interchangeability of Zipmates creates economic efficiency. The employees wear the same garment with a "featured vendor" every month. Selling the ad space to your vendors replaces garment costs and puts your vendor's brands directly in the Line of Sight of the consumer. Now that's a win win!
BRANDING: In The Line of Sight

Limited availability will create competition between your vendors for the coveted space. Turning your employee uniforms into a profit center is something only the uniqueness of Zipmates can offer. The campaign will be cutting edge medium for both you and your vendors!

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All Line of Sight Creations Products Are Patented
(US Patent #8,621,723 and US Patent #D707,153).

Website by The Web Corner